Please meet Said Abdikarim and why he wears an orange shirt.


  • Across the city, residents are wondering why Said wears an orange shirt?

  • After escaping the civil war in Somalia, losing two brothers, Said was resettled in the great city of Boston 27 yrs ago as a refugee.

  • The first shirt he received in Boston from a refugee agency was the color orange. That shirt represented the safety, freedom, and opportunities he got in Boston. 

  • He lived in Boston Public housing throughout the city

  • Said went to Boston Public Schools from elementary to high school.

  • As a teen he sold newspapers throughout Boston to support his family in Africa.

  • Currently he helps immigrants resettle in Boston, learn English find jobs and housing.

  • Said voluntarily works with BPS and community organizations teaching students life, career, and technical skills.

  • He worked and held leadership positions at Apple, Fidelity Investments, Harvard University, AT&T, as an engineer, instructor, and consultant.

  • In Africa he lived in a shack made of tree branches and pieces of cloths.

  • Living in the refugee camps, his playgrounds were burning landfills.

  • Said is running for city council at a large because he believes in what this great city can do for people. 


Neighborhoods he lived in

  • Roxbury (Mission Hill)

  • Roslindale (Archdale Village Public Housing)

  • South Boston (Old Colony Public Housing)

  • Charlestown (Boston Public Housing)

  • Dorchester

  • South End


Schools Attended

  • James Hennigan Elementary (Roxbury)

  • Washington Irving Middle School (Roslindale)

  • RG Shaw Middle School (West Roxbury)

  • Charlestown High School


It takes a village to raise a child, especially a child like Said Abdikarim, who came to the US without parents and with a language barrier. For him, it is because of the care and support of Bostonians that prepared and allowed him to work in corporate America. Said worked in technology, investments, and higher education, while holding leadership positions. His work experience has given him a broad knowledge of the pay and representation disparity. Said's work experience, passion, and dedication for serving others lead him to start a company that invests in minority women entrepreneurs. While at the same time working to build opportunity centers in low-income communities.  During his professional career, Said dedicated his resources to helping and educating low-income communities to understand financial literacy and STEM readiness programs. He is a mentor, life and career coach to minority and immigrant students in the Boston area. 

Service to Others

Said Abdikarim knows the importance of serving others.  The caring people of Boston, teachers, neighbors, friends, and community organizers, instilled in him the importance of looking after one other. It is what lead Said to work with immigrant and minority students learn vital skills in financial literacy, tech, career and life skills.


After resettling in Boston from Africa, he knows that his American Dream would not have been possible without equal opportunities. Said Abdikarim is running for Boston City Council At-Large to make sure that all Bostonians get equal opportunities. He wants to use his background living in low-income communities, as a black immigrant, working in technology, investments and business to fight for a level playing field.