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Said is passionate about inspiring and helping others.

Said Abdikarim is a social entrepreneur, investor, engineer, consultant, leader and advocate. He is a sought-after speaker and subject matter expert in leadership, technology, people development and public policy. Said loves inspiring and helping people reach their full potential. 


His remarkable life story began 27 years ago when his family resettled in the US as refugees. His family fled the civil war in Somalia to the world's biggest refugee camp in Kenya. After four years of living at Dadaab refugee camp, his family received refugee status to live in the US. Being the eldest, at 13 years old, he washed cars, cut grass, and sold newspapers to support his family. 

Said not only worked hard to support his family but to improve himself. With limited English, he studied very hard to learn the English language. After years of hard work he attended The Ohio State University and Harvard University for undergrad and graduate coursework. He worked for Apple, Fidelity Investments, Harvard University as an engineer, consultant, and instructor. Said co-founded a data analytics logistics business that found the highest paying loads for truck drivers and charged a fee per load. After finding success with his first company, he founded Faido Capital, a venture capital firm that helps minority women entrepreneurs find funding. 

Seeing the lack of representation in venture funding, minorities in technology, and the pay gap, Said ran for Boston City Council At Large in 2021. His policies centered on economic opportunity and empowerment for black and immigrant communities. To bridge the wealth gap, people need economic empowerment through skills for higher wages. The majority of those skills exist in technology. But a lot of people of color lack those skills. At the same time, there is a lack of funding for minority-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Even though he came up short on winning his campaign, he raised close to $70K and received close to 8K votes. For a first-time candidate, this was a huge accomplishment. Currently, Said is working on a non-profit to raise awareness for economic opportunity, civic engagement, and social responsibility. While at the same time, as a consultant, he shares expertise in leadership, technology, people development and public policy as a highly sought speaker. 

For your speaking or expert subject matter needs in leadership, technology, people, business development and public policy, please send an email to or fill the form below. 

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