As a former BPS student and parent, Said knows the importance of quality, fair education in all Boston neighborhoods. Our city performs well when our children have equal opportunity education. We, as a city, can bridge the economic gap through STEM/VOC education in our schools. 

As your City Councilor, our education plan is to

  • Said wants testing for students, to see if they are prepared for higher courses. We can also use standardized testing to make sure schools across Boston are providing quality education. Therefore we can provide resources such as tutoring, quality pre-k, tailored curriculum to those students and schools that are underperforming. 

  • Advocate putting more emphasis on grades, teacher recommendations, for students to attend exam schools. 

  • Add an essay option for underserved students to talk about their backgrounds and what an exam school means to them.

  • Work with schools, and the city to create in-class or after-school STEM/VOC programs that promote job readiness. 

  • Promote a hybrid elected and appointed school committee that brings the city, schools, parents, and community to the table. 


Said knows the importance of having access to housing. In Africa, he grew up in a shack made of tree branches and pieces of cloths.  So living in Boston Public Housing was an essential life resource. Bostonians need access to affordable housing. Housing creates opportunities, especially financial opportunities for low-income communities.  

As your City Councilor, our housing plan is to

  • Work with the city and developers to find ways for responsible development, more affordable units, home ownership, and change to income criteria requirements . 

  • Promote a pilot program that allows first-time homebuyers to earn income from the Boston home buying program. This program enables Bostonians to bridge the wealth gap. 

  • Preserve the historical demographics of neighborhoods by finding ways to curb gentrification. 


Equal opportunity is what creates a well-performing city. Equal opportunity is what ensures hardworking Bostonians can achieve the American dream. Equal opportunity is when we all do our share to contribute fairly and distribute our city resources. Equal opportunity is when everyone has a level playing field. 

As your City Councilor, our Equal Opportunity plan is to

  • Ensure that all hardworking Bostonians get a fair share of city resources for their families, schools, communities, and businesses. 

  • Work with banks, tech companies, educational institutions, community organizations, city, and state leaders, to ensure Bostonians have STEM/VOC skills for higher paying jobs. 

  • Promote a transparent community-driven program between law enforcement and Bostonians . 


We are losing so many loved ones to the disease of substance abuse. As someone who lost his best friend to substance abuse, Said knows the importance of finding working solutions. Our city streets are filled with broken souls who need desperate help. Ensuring that we don't lose our friends, our family members, to this disease isn't just policymaking; it's personal for Said. 

As your City Councilor, our substance plan is to

  • Work with schools, community organizations, parents, city officials to design an educational substance abuse plan; to educate our children at an early age about the effects of substance abuse. 

  • Get resources to professional and on-the-ground community health organizations and other community organizations to assist and aid those battling substance abuse. 

  • Promote a program that gives mental health resources and other underlining health problems for those battling substance abuse. 


A city's environment is one of the critical elements that make a city vibrant and family-friendly.  Our city streets, school grounds, playgrounds, parks are littered with drug needles, filled with human-made pollution and potholes. Water fountains in our school grounds, parks and playgrounds are not working.

As your City Councilor, our environment plan is to

  • Ensure our parks, playgrounds, streets, and school grounds are family-friendly, free of drug needles, pollution, or potholes. 

  • Promote to design our parks, school grounds, playgrounds to be eco-friendly, vibrant, with working water fountains. 

  • Work with city officials and environmental experts to make Boston a clean, eco-friendly, family-friendly city. 

Service to Others

Said Abdikarim knows the importance of serving others.  The caring people of Boston, teachers, neighbors, friends, and community organizers, instilled in him the importance of looking after one other. It is what lead Said to work with immigrant and minority students learn vital skills in financial literacy, tech, career and life skills.


After resettling in Boston from Africa, he knows that his American Dream would not have been possible without equal opportunities. Said Abdikarim is running for Boston City Council At-Large to make sure that all Bostonians get equal opportunities. He wants to use his background living in low-income communities, as a black immigrant, working in technology, investments and business to fight for a level playing field.